Resources for secondary pupils during school closures

Dear colleagues,

In light of school closures and the indefinite disruption for this academic year and the importance of continuing to support EAL learners at home despite the challenging circumstances, NALDIC (the national subject association for EAL) have released a list of resources suggested by its members. These can be found at the following link and we thought this may be helpful to share with you:

I have selected some links and resources that you may find useful.

You might want to have a look at these external sources for teachers of information, games, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading and other activities for pupils to use at home.  Rather than recommending an entire website, I suggest you pick particular activities for particular pupils. 

These are external sites and you need to check them yourself before passing them to pupils.


  • Newsround is back on the CBBC channel 3 x a day and is a great factual information source.  There are many other features apart from Corona virus updates and the language is clear with lots of visual clues. (Although I was a bit apprehensive watching yesterday’s programme featuring Justin Bieber climbing round his sitting room!) Suitable for ages 10-15 (Proficiency Stage B-E) 
  • Topschool – CBBC quiz show ages 10-15 (Proficiency Stage B-E)      


  •  online activities and games suitable for younger beginner English speakers from the US Public Broadcasting System.  Note the videos do not play in the UK but youtube has a PBS kids channel where they can be found  ages 10-12 (Proficiency Stage A-C)


  • 100 free online classic stories for younger children and teenagers for the next 3 months can be accessed at  suitable for ages 8-16 (Proficiency Stage B-E) with some books in other languages


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Amanda Gay

With best wishes.