Resources for primary phase EAL learners during school closures

Dear colleagues,

In light of school closures and the indefinite disruption for this academic year and the importance of continuing to support EAL learners at home despite the challenging circumstances, NALDIC (the national subject association for EAL) have released a list of resources suggested by its members. These can be found at the following link and thought this may be useful and so helpful to share with you:

Points to note:

We have not been able to scrutinise all of the sites, especially the links within them, so you are responsible for checking that the content of the sites is suitable for your learners/families.   You will need to explore them and select what is appropriate for your learner’s age and stage of English proficiency.  You may find some that you can put onto your parents’ section of the school website for use at home.

·      Remember they may require a a degree of reading on behalf of the pupils who may not be able to do this in English, so will need adult explanation and modelling first.

·      It is not only important to continue to develop the English language learning of pupils with EAL, but also to try and ensure that they also learn the subject content that their peers are being taught.  So explore the activities on the topic theme sites too.  

·      We know that EAL learners expand both the breadth and depth of their vocabulary in any language through books and reading, so do explore the online libraries.

There are numerous resources on the site, with many different foci. To help, we have highlighted some sites which may be particularly useful:

New to English learners 

An organisation called REAL has set up a blog for activities for EAL learners particularly those in the earlier stages of learning English, for parents to use with their children at home.  They are adding activities to the blog on a daily basis: 

Learning English as an additional language (primary and secondary)


      -limited offer

        especially for older children – EAL learning for learners in schools. Covers school specific vocabulary, as well as functional English and phonics. Fully image-based so suitable for learners of any language and SEND learners. Assessment embedded.

Learning English for all pupils (not EAL specific) – grammar and comprehension 


Maths, literacy and all subject areas for all pupils (not EAL specific)

eg   (for EYFS)

Topic specific resources eg spiders, bones, Rosa Parks, debates, chemistry behind your favourite sweets

eg  (primary and secondary)  (primary and secondary)    

Online books  – free login due to Covid-19  (reading programme) – The International Childrens Digital Library (books in English and other languages) – a list of online books in a range of different languages

For Polish speakers, there is also a link to live streaming TV for pupils in Poland covering a range of subjects including secondary.

Hope this is helpful. We will continue to alert you to any further resources. If you require any advice on using these, have any questions or ideas, please let us know.