DfE data research

English proficiency of pupils with English as an additional language 2020

Lambeth Research – the impact of school closures owing to Covid-19

The Impact of School Closures on Pupils with English as an additional Language

Published by the Schools’ Research and Statistics Service Education and Learning
London Borough of Lambeth © The Authors. All rights reserved. February 2022. ISBN: 978-1-910428-30-6

Past publications from EAL Consultants and the Lambeth Research and Statistics Team may  be accessed here:
Advanced bilingual learners

During 2003-4, the government commissioned Professor Lynne Cameron and Dr Sharon Besser, then at the University of Leeds, to undertake a series of investigations into the development of English fluency in pupils with well developed EAL (advanced bilingual learners) The findings were groundbreaking and are still necessary reading today:

Writing in English as an Additional Language at Key Stage 2, Key findings

Writing in English as an additional language at Key Stage 4 and post-16

The research investigated the writing skills of those who, although at an advanced stage of formal education, may be under-achieving in English. Over three hundred pieces of writing, from English language and a range of other subject areas, were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively to produce profiles of achievement and needs, and suggestions for diagnosis and intervention by teachers.
Professor Lynne Cameron, 2003

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