Local Studies

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On this page are lessons which have been written to help understand the history and geography of Lambeth.  Some have been left as Word or Powerpoint files so that you may adapt them more easily.

Lesson plans for Vauxhall and Nine Elms Past Present and Future illustrated school book

World War One in and around Lambeth

Lambeth Then and Now A brief history of Lambeth, comparing past and present

Lambeth Now and Then transport cards Differentiation of past and present for younger pupils

Who Lived Here Analysing census data for Brixton and Stockwell

Lambeth Street census occupations Occupations of people listed in the 1871,1881 and 1891 census data

Now and then occupations  similarities and differences between Victorian and contemporary occupations

A history of housing in Lambeth A study of different housing styles across  the borough

Brixton Market beginner English A simple reading activity

London sights vocabulary builder A very easy starting exercise naming London landmarks and iconic symbols

Famous Lambeth Research Project An interactive timeline on which pupils can place themselves alongside other famous residents

Other local walks and maps, previously available on  the Lambeth website:

Black History Walk  Lambeth Yours To Explore Map

Thousands of local images may be found on the Lambeth Landmarks website

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